10 Best Foot Massagers – Reviews & Buying Guide


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The more time that you spend on your feet, the more your lower body will hurt at the end of the day. Few people realize that nerve groups run through the whole body and that entire groups of those nerves can feel pain after a day of running around town.

You may experience pain because you spent a day at the amusement park, worked outside for hours or worked longer at your job. One of the best ways to reduce pain in both your feet and lower legs is a device for your foot.

While some have simple wood beads that you roll your feet across, we stuck with the models that use electricity and offer more power when creating our list. You’ll even find some that let you recreate the feel of a shiatsu massage at home.

The best foot model out of the entire group though is the Premium Shiatsu Kahuna, which is quite similar to those found on massage chairs. It has deep pockets on the front that can accommodate both your feet and your calves as well as an ergonomic design that reduces any discomfort you might feel.

It will run for up to 15 minutes at a time, though you can select a shorter therapy too. Thanks to its adjustable tilt, you can sit down in almost any chair and adjust the location and angle of the model to feel more comfortable. It also does multiple actions to reduce stress, including vibrating and kneading.


How to Choose the Ultimate Model For You


Choosing the best model for your feet available required looking at features beyond just settings, which is why the Premium Shiatsu Kahuna (Check Price on Amazon.com) is our leading choice. This model is quite similar to those located on the bottom of massage chairs but is a standalone product that you can use with your favorite easy chair.


Premium Shiatsu Kahuna

(Check Price on Amazon.com)


It comes in soft gold colors with black accents that won’t stand out among your decor, and it has an angle adjustment button on one side to adjust the angle of the model based on the chair that you use. Its ergonomic design allows the model to target more than just your feet, and it can actually therapy your calves and further up your legs too.

Pressing the heat button allows the model to use heat as it removes tension and stress, but you can also adjust the air pressure, change the scrape speed and select from three intensity settings. Its power button turns the massage on and off to let you choose the length of the session, or you can use its automatic setting, which will use your preferences and settings to massage your body for a full 15 minutes.


Top Rated on the Market for your Relaxation


1. Premium Shiatsu Kahun (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Premium Shiatsu Kahuna

Regardless of how you start or spend your day, you’ll want to end your day with this Premium Shiatsu Kahuna, which is the best on the market.

Suitable for diabetics and others suffering from poor circulation, it can provide relief, help soothe tired muscles and increase circulation in just a few uses. With a built-in remote control and a tilt handle on the side, this model allows you to customize each therapy.

Pressure rollers on the base provide a gentle therapy that targets your heels and soles to reduce pressure and tension in your arches and feet. There are built-in nodes too that treat your feet to a reflexology therapy.

As it can both knead and vibrate, this Premium Shiatsu Kahuna is suitable for those recovering from surgery or certain medical issues also.

You can pick from three different modes that include those designed to relieve tension in muscles, help you relax or reduce your pain, but you can also customize those settings to select one of three intensity levels, adjust the speed of the scrape, turn on the heat or adjust the air pressure.

The Kahuna isn’t like those older models that just target your heels and arches though because it has a taller design that also massages your calves and ankles. Available in a gold color, it will add a touch of class to your living room, but you can buy it in a red version too.





2. Reflex PRO Premium (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Reflex PRO Premium


If you like relaxing in one of those massage chairs at the airport or the mall, you’ll love the Reflex PRO Premium, which uses the same features and settings to relax your feet.

It features deep pockets that can hold your feet and calves in place and a figure-eight design that allows the warmth and massaging action to reach all areas of your lower legs.

When you pull the handle on the side, you can adjust the angle at which the model for feet sits, making it suitable for use with any type of chair.

Working your heels and soles is easy because this model has rollers on the base, which is where you set your feet, and those rollers will gently target the bottom of each foot.

The vibration setting can help those with diabetes or other conditions because it hits the nerves and muscles that can cause poor circulation. Human Touch, the maker of this device, created a taller design that rises above your calves.

With a built-in remote control on the top, you can adjust the settings without bending over. This remote has a manual button for using the standard settings and an auto setting for customizing your own settings.

It has a warm air mode that slowly increases the temperature of your legs to boost circulation and two reflexology settings that mimic the feel of a reflexology therapy done by a professional.




3. Panasonic Reggurifure EW-RA96-P (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Reggurifure EW-RA96-P

The Panasonic Reggurifure EW-RA96-P is very similar to the massage devices that hospitals use to reduce the risk of blood clots forming in patients who underwent recent surgery.

This device has two large cuffs designed to wrap entirely around each leg, which makes this one of the only models that will relieve tension in your thighs and area above your knees.

The only thing you may not like is that this model is only available in a bright pink color. Unlike other massaging products that use heat or vibrations, this model uses air pressure to gently therapy your legs to keep blood clots from forming.

Some may find that it can also improve circulation and help eliminate the aches and pains caused by certain medical conditions. You can use one of three air pressure settings to get the massaging feel that you want.

Included with the massage device is a set of foot pads that you can place on the soles of your feet and inside the device to keep your feet comfy, and this set comes with a separate set of pads designed for use on your shins.

When you want to turn on the air pressure or change any setting, you can use the included remote control, which attaches to the back of the model. The downside of this Panasonic model is that its remote uses Japanese writing and you may have a hard time learning which button corresponds to which setting.





4. Belmint Deep-Kneading Shiatsu (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Belmint Deep-Kneading Shiatsu


When you slip your feet inside this Belmint Deep-Kneading Shiatsu, you’ll almost instantly experience a sensation and feeling, unlike anything you ever felt before. As it acts like a shiatsu massager, it uses the same amount of pressure and the same kneading sensation that a physical therapist or massage professional would use.

Belmint specifically designed this model to target the upper half of each foot because most people put more weight on that part of their feet. Unlike other models that have hard to reach buttons on the side, this device moves those buttons to the center, which allows you to use any toe to increase, decrease, turn on or turn off any setting.

Adjust the pressure, heat or even the kneading strength with one toe. If you know exactly how much time you have for a therapy, you can even turn on the timer function and watch as it counts down to the end of your session. Two chambers on this Belmint Deep-Kneading Shiatsu have a deeper base that allows you to sink your feet inside, and those deeper chambers also let you use this device with any type of chair.

It features 42 heavy-duty nodes inside that roll and vibrates against your feet. Instead of only putting rollers on the bottom though, Belmint added rollers to the sides and top to ensure that the device targets all the sore and tired parts of your feet.




5. Miko Shiatsu Home Machine With Switchable Heat (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Miko Shiatsu

Getting a shiatsu massage once took a lot of planning because it required a trip to the spa, but this Miko Shiatsu Home Machine With Switchable Heat lets you enjoy a full shiatsu therapy at home without ever leaving your living room.

It has a solid base that won’t slip or move when used on tile or hardwood floors and two chambers that are just the right size for each foot. Built-in rollers and nodes therapy the sides and bottoms of your feet, but those chambers also use air pressure to target the top of your feet.

Portable and lightweight, this Miko home machine is one that you can use on the go because you can toss it in your suitcase or in the trunk of your car. Its compact design also makes storing it easy and lets you slide it under a table or another piece of furniture in the room where you use it the most often.

As it is shorter than other devices, you can actually use it with a kitchen table chair or a recliner without feeling uncomfortable.

The best thing about this shiatsu therapy might be that it places all the buttons that correspond to different settings in the center, and the convenient location of those buttons means that you can change any setting with one press of your toe. Those buttons adjust the air pressure, kneading speed, heat and other settings.




6. Belmint Shiatsu (Check Price on Amazon.com)

with Switchable Heat & Easy-to-UseNodes hid beneath the surface of this Belmint Shiatsu reach each and every spot between your heels and toes to reduce the stress and tension that you pick up during the day.

Using this product with chambers or pockets can make your feet feel so hot that you need to get up and take a break, but it has a more open design that requires you place your feet flat on top of it.

Each of those footbeds has nine different nodes that vibrate and move across the sole of each foot. The height of the Belmint Shiatsu adjusts to work with chairs of different heights and sizes, and it has a power button in the center.

You can touch that button with one toe to turn on the device without bending down and to turn it off once you finish a therapy. Belmint added a soft material to the top of each footbed that increases your comfort while still giving the full benefit of each rotating node.

This Belmint uses a high level of heat to create the warming effect that you associate with a shiatsu massage. If you decide that you don’t want to use the heat, or it’s too hot in your home for a hot massage, hitting the power button a second time will turn off the heat. Using this device regularly can improve circulation and relieve tension.




7. Beurer With Built in Heat Function (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Built in Heat Function, Shiatsu

A shiatsu massage is more than just a therapy because it also uses the heat produced by the hands of the person massing you to reduce more pressure, which is the same thing that you’ll experience with this Beurer With Built-in Heat Function.

This device has a solid white base with a silver mesh material on top that is breathable and will keep your feet from sweating. That material is effective at letting the power of the nodes come through without keeping your feet directly on top of those nodes, which can feel a little uncomfortable.

The two footbeds hidden beneath the material both feature three heads that have three nodes on each one for a total of 18 nodes. Those nodes twist and turn to mimic the feel of the reflexology methods that a massage therapist might use.

If you need to use the device with different types of chairs or in different areas of your home, you can move the screw-on legs on the base to change the height of the device.

Though more affordable than calf and foot massaging machine, this Beurer features two intensity levels that adjust the speed at which the nodes work. It also has a heat function that you can turn on and off, which increases the amount of warmth coming out of the base to let you feel like you just put your feet in the hands of a professional.




8. Zeny Electric (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Shiatsu Kneading Rolling Vibration DisplayWhether you prefer a gentle therapy that leaves you feeling like you’re walking on air, or you want a more intense shiatsu massage, you can use this Zeny Electric to your advantage. It allows you to select from five different settings for a more traditional or a custom therapy designed just for you.

The scrapping therapy uses more force and is best for relieving tension, but the kneading massage setting can improve circulation. This Zeny Electric also has a rolling setting and lets you choose between using heat or air pressure.

Buttons across the front seat between the two chambers and allow you to turn settings on or off to create the perfect therapy, and as you can reach those buttons with your feet, you don’t even need to lean down or bend over.

Each of the three modes, kneading, rolling and scrapping, have two intensity or strength settings too.

When you want to get a quick therapy before a night out, you can keep track of the time with a timer on the front. Zeny placed an LCD screen on the very top that counts down from the time that you set.

The manufacturer also designed chambers that are deep enough and wide enough to accommodate all foot sizes and nodes that move across the bottom, sides, and tops of those chambers to hit all muscles in your feet.




9. HoMedics FMS-270H Deep Kneading Shiatsu (Check Price on Amazon.com)

Homedics FMS-270H

HoMedics makes a number of health care products that are more affordable than other manufacturers like this FMS-270H Deep Kneading Shiatsu, which lets you enjoy the feel of a shiatsu massage without an expensive trip to the massage studio.

This device has two individual beds that each have three rotating heads, and each rotating head consists of three different nodes. Those nodes move together at a fast speed to help you quickly recover from a long day.

The ergonomic design of FMS-270H Deep Kneading Shiatsu places the heel of your feet closer to the floor and lifts the ball of your foot higher in the air, which can increase blood flow as you sit.

Though it can improve circulation, HoMedics does not recommend this device for diabetics or those suffering from other medical conditions. You should talk with your doctor before buying and using this device.

As this model uses heat to create a warming sensation, you’ll like using this one on a cold day because it will keep your feet warm and keep the blood flowing through your body.

The main reason why we ranked the FMS-270H Deep Kneading Shiatsu near the bottom of this list is because it doesn’t have a lot of settings. Using the power button, which you can hit with your toe or foot, on the front of the massager will only turn it on and off.




10. HoMedics FB- 600 Pro Pedicure Spa with Heat (Check Price on Amazon.com)

HoMedics FB- 600

One reason many people love going for a pedicure is that they love getting a massage at the same time, and with the HoMedics FB- 600 Pro Pedicure Spa with Heat, you can now treat yourself to both a pedicure and a foot therapy at home.

Whether you work in a profession that requires you spend hours on your feet, or you have poor circulation, you’ll love the way your feet feel after a session in this spa. You can use it with soap or essential oils as well as on its own.

With four attachments, you can pamper your piggies and get the same relaxing feeling that you would get in a spa or salon. Though you can fill it with water from your tap, this model will increase the temperature up to 98 degrees Fahrenheit in just a few minutes.

Once plugged in and turned on, the model will release thick bubbles to relieve tension in your feet and soothe tired muscles. Even if you think that a device is a better choice than a model, you might consider this HoMedics model because it features four rollers in its base.

Those rollers slowly move across your arches, heels, and soles to combat overworked muscles. It has a splash guard that keeps water from spilling over on the floor and a center area that holds any of the attachments for working on one foot while letting the other one relax.




Why the Premium Shiatsu Kahuna is the One for You?


Premium Shiatsu Kahuna

(Check Price on Amazon.com)


The Premium Shiatsu Kahuna (Check Price on Amazon.com) is the best foot model on the market because it is one of the few massagers that will target both your upper and lower legs. With ample settings to choose from like air pressure and intensity, you can completely customize your home foot therapy.