Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Best Review


Back pain can keep you from engaging in all your favorite activities and even stop you from getting out of bed. Other aches and pains can cause even more problems, which is why those who deal with chronic pain find these devices so helpful.

The Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu (Check on is more than just another basic chair for pressure therapy though because it can recreate the feel of a pressure therapist’s hands on your own body. We compiled all the information that you need to know before buying this model.



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Product Specifications

  • Four built-in pressure programs target different areas of the body
  • Capsule arms keep your own arms from moving and use both air bags and pulsating pressure settings
  • The massaging element built into the seat has different settings to target your upper and lower back
  • Larger footrests can accommodate taller users
  • Comes with a three-year warranty
  • The manufacturer tests all the models for massage before they leave the factory
  • Can support a maximum weight of more than 400 pounds
  • Works with any standard 110 volt outlet



  • With 35 air bags placed at regular intervals around the chair, it targets all your sore muscles at the same time
  • Rollers placed along the bottom of your device can relieve tension and stiffness after spending a day on your feet
  • Uses real leather that feels soft and supple on all exposed areas of your skin
  • A high-definition display screen makes it easier to select the pressure settings and features that you want to use
  • The back of the seat features eight massaging pieces that target your upper back and neck
  • Larger footrests accommodate larger or taller users and adjust to fit your body size
  • Comes in two boxes with instructions that make it easy to put the devicetogether
  • An included instructional manual walks you through using all the device’s features
  • Includes a built-in heater that can improve both your metabolism and circulation



  • Some customers complained that parts of the chair moved after they used it.
  • You may find that the device ┬ákeeps you from getting into a comfortable position.


Final Verdict



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The odds are good that you looked at more than a few devices before checking out the Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu (Check Price on We highly recommend this model for those with poor metabolism and those dealing with circulation problems because it comes with a built-in heater that can give you the metabolism boost that you need and increase your circulation.

We also like that this model gets fairly good reviews and that shoppers only had a few complaints. The Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu is a good all-around device that can fit a range of body types.