RELAXONCHAIR [MK-II PLUS] Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Best Review


Zero gravity chairs reduce some of the pressure on your lower back and can help you cope with back pain that leaves you incapacitated without requiring a trip to the chiropractor or a therapist. These models let you lean back and put your feet higher off the floor, which can improve circulation.

A good device that is pretty affordable is the MK-II PLUS Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu (Check Price on It features an L-track and comes with a remote control that lets you use all settings and access different pressure therapy features with just one hand.



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Product Specifications

  • Includes a remote with a user-friendly design
  • Has a three-year warranty that covers all parts for the first year and the internal structure of the device for the two remaining years
  • Adjustable shoulder pads allow you to change the width based on your body size
  • Can completely install and assemble the device in just three steps
  • Uses a synthetic leather in all the padded areas and covers that looks like authentic leather
  • Sensors built into the device can monitor and scan your body to determine the best pressure setting
  • Included remote lets you change settings with one hand
  • Device features two separate heating pads for use on sore backs



  • Elevate your feet above your chest to improve circulation with one of the chair’s three zero gravity settings
  • Use the sensors as a type of body scanning to find out where you need the most help
  • Two built-in rollers allow you to therapy your upper or lower body or both at the same time
  • A deep tissue pressure setting can decompress your spine and relieve more tension
  • Choose one of four automatic settings to sit back and let the device therapy you
  • Has a stretching program that is similar to the yoga settings found on other models
  • Can use a shiatsu pressure setting or a more standard setting like kneading or tapping
  • Six built-in air pressure areas can massage body parts like the soles of your feet or your hands
  • Has two built-in pads on the back that work like heating pads



  • Is much louder when running than other similar models
  • Does not let you change or adjust the amount of pressure provided


Final Verdict



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We like the MK-II PLUS Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu (Check Price on because it is an affordable option that comes with features like a stretching massage setting that is similar to those you’ll see on more expensive models. The MK-II PLUS also gives you access to multiple pressure settings as well as air pressures and heating pads.