RELAXONCHAIR MK-IV Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Best Review


Any aches and pains that you usually experience during the day or night are aches and pains that massage chairs can help eliminate. These devices use rollers and other components and move to treat your body the same way that a therapist would do.

With literally hundreds of these models on the market today, you might feel a little confused about the features that set some devices apart from others. The  MK-IV Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu (Check Price on is the best model that we found because it has an S-track that follows the natural curves of your spine to target every muscle group equally.



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Product Specifications

  • Measures 47.3 inches high, 55 inches long and 30.5 inches wide
  • Changes to a length of 83.5 inches and a height of 32.3 inches when in its zero gravity position
  • Comes with a warranty that covers labor and all replacement parts for the first year
  • Its warranty covers parts for the second year and the overall structure of the device for up to five years
  • Weighs just under 200 pounds and has a total package weight of over 220 pounds
  • Includes a warranty that lets you send the device back to a repair center when covered under warranty
  • Has custom pressure therapy programs that last for 20 minutes
  • Requires just a three-inch gap between the device back and wall to operate
  • Includes a remote control for accessing all menu settings



  • Comes with a remote control with bright lights that help you see clearly and a pocket for storing the remote between pressures
  • S-rail system mimics the natural curve of the human spine and targets more of your body than an L-rail system will
  • Five built-in auto programs automatically come on with the press of a button to increase your comfort, help your body recover from injuries or relieve stress
  • Shoulder adjustment lets you change the height and shape of the back to accommodate your height
  • Three recall and memory settings remember your preferences and save those settings for future therapy
  • Carbon fiber heating elements in the backrest can boost metabolism and help you deal with back pain
  • Uses the same design as expensive models found in first class sections on planes
  • Can retain settings for up to three separate users



  • The device may become slightly damaged during the shipping process
  • Some customers wish the device had a longer pressure setting that lasted longer than 20 minutes


Final Verdict


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The MK-IV Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu (Check Price on is the best all-around device on the market, though some may dislike how much the chair costs. With recall settings that remember the preferences of three users though, this is a brand that you can share with every member of your family.